Press Release


Interview with Sophie Wozniak
By Frédéric Lopez
For Le Figaro magazine
In The Four Seasons – Paris

SW: Good evening, Frédéric. How nice to finally me you!
FL: Finally? Nice to meet you too, Sophie.
– Indeed. I used to watch your reportages, especially “Rencontres en Terres Inconnues”, when I was still living in France. We also met in Brussels few years ago, at a conference about mindfulness and buddhism, but you may not remember 🙂 I remember seeing you sitting at the table next to mine, wondering whether I should engage conversation. But I didn’t. (laughs)
– What a pity! And why didn’t you?
– At the time, I believed I was of no interest to others. I didn’t have a good opinion about me. I was very judgmental about how things should be.
– Well, you seem to be a very self-confident woman now. What changed?
– I. I changed. I decided to do the work, the real work. No more looking for patches and quick fixes. But working training the mind with discipline, persistence, and humility.
– Interesting… Can you tell us more about it? Or a lot more 🙂 For what you’ve accomplished in only a few years is impressive. You simply turned your life around!
– Yes. From nowhere to now here, as I like to put it. For I really wasn’t going anywhere before I decided to take the courage to do things differently. From the inside rather than from the outside. I mean, working with the world within to manifest the world without.
– Hmmm…
– I’m sure you’re wondering whether I got enlightened by a thunder bolt (laughs). No, nothing like that. Although there was some kind of thunder coming into the form of a message landing in my mailbox four years ago. Had I not clicked on the e-mail and let it disappear in the spam folder, I would not be here today talking to you in George V.
– What a suspense. Sounds like kinda message in a bottle story 🙂
– Almost, you’re right. So one morning I received an e-mail from a friend who had received from someone he had worked with. As he didn’t speak English and I was at his place that day, he forwarded it to me. So I had a look. The e-mail was quite short, just saying that a new training of the “Master Key Mastermind Alliance” was about to begin; that the first session would take place on September, 24th 2017 (i.e. about 10 days later); that we had to review a series of information videos to get a “Pay-it-forward scholarship” at the symbolic price of 1$; and I remember the message ended saying something like “I warmly recommend you to review the videos as soon as possible, you will be glad you did.” So I watched the videos. A man named Mark Januszewski, whom I had never heard before, was presenting the MKMMA programme and its objective of teaching the skills to master the power of thought. I was blown away. Literally blown away by the spirit and the soul of the programme and the people behind it. I could feel it and hear it. “Go for it Sophie! Now is the time! Now is YOUR time!” So I watched the 3 videos in a row and applied. And two days later I was joining the programme. And the rest you know.
– No! I don’t know. What happened then? How log did the programme last? What skills did you get? And how did you use them to turn your life around?
– Well. The programme ran for 6 month, 27 weeks exactly, during which we had daily assignments and readings to do. And by daily I mean daily! I struggled a lot in the beginning, for we were basically trained to think differently, trained to think for ourselves, trained to use the power of our mind to create our reality the way we wanted to design it. I took me few weeks before I got it. It was very painful, like pulling off dead flesh from a wound (sorry for the image). Really it was that painful. But with practice and persistence, I gained full control of the ship. I became a “thinker”, capable of commanding his subconscious mind to create thoughts, feelings, emotions, that manifest into tangible things, my reality…
– I see what you mean. Not that easy to understand though.
– Indeed. For you have to go through the process rather than understanding it. And I can tell you about understanding things and not putting them into practice! For I had been searching for many years (in books, self-help programmes, coaching sessions, etc.) But with MKMMA I was explained and demonstrated, through philosophical, scientific and theological materials, how the Universal acts upon the Individual, and what the key to Success is.
– …
– Mind! Mind is creative. Mind is our divine gift to manifest our reality and make our dreams come true!
– …
– And I did. With the help of the mastermind, the fellow students, guides, and wisdom of the ages. Up to now the MKMMA has helped thousands of people to break away from self-limitations and manifest more fulfilling lives – whatever that might mean. Everyone has their own purpose in life.
– Right. Tell us about yours then. Not so usual to turn from isolated and broke in a tiny village in France to coach, communicator and influencer in a beautiful villa in Kauai!
– Well. Yes. From one point of view, I indeed have achieved financial freedom – one of my main purpose in life. Today I have a successful and growing MLM business, I advise, teach and share everything I know to people who want to live “wild and free” 🙂 Many people come to me through my website where I post articles to inspire people to take a leap of faith and be who they are! I feel blessed to live this amazing life which is mine! How divine… And yes. I’m living on beautiful Kauai (Hawaii) with my family! That’s always been my dream. Sea, sun, sand, light, laughs, love.. It took me some time to accept that dream as reachable. But it happened. It all happened as I decided it to happen.
– Hmmm. Impressive.
– It may seem to be impressive from the outside. But it is just the result of the simple application of the Universal Laws that I learned thanks to MKMMA. You know, I’m so grateful to the heavens for having guided me so lovingly up to now, that every time I see Mark and his wife Davene (which is quite often as we live in the same area and work together), I blink my eyes to hold a tear of joy and say thank you.
The more we give, the more we get. That’s another important, if not fundamental, law to apply.
– Great transition for the next article! Thank you very much Sophie.
– It was my pleasure, Frédéric. I’ll be happy to continue this conversation with you and your readers.