“La Foi est vivre. La Loi est vibre. La Voie est libre.”
Franck Lopvet
(“Faith is life. The Law is vibration. The Way is clear.”)

Is it important to be right, to be on the right track, to be on the bright side? Being right or wrong doesn’t matter anymore for me – all the more so as it leads to opinions, judgements and guilt.

Today, what is essential for me is to reincorporate myself, to reintegrate myself, the temple that I am, the vehicle that allows me to play the Game of Life.

I have been escaping it far too much for far too long. For all those years, I have been trying and training to become the best player to make sure I win the game. But doing so I’ve stayed on the sidelines, watching the game, each time a bit more from afar…

I thought I had to stand up to become and be, while I was already standing tall. I’ve always stood tall. But what’s prevented me from experiencing it and fully enjoy the game is that I was wearing the glasses of FEAR.

The fear of being disapproved of or rejected for playing like nobody ever dared before, for living my life the way I want, for bringing something new to the world.

I am here on Earth to LIVE and enjoy the experience of life and matter.
I am here on Earth to BE, not to become, not to improve, not to correct.
I am here on Earth to live life, SIMPLY.
Like a child. Free from anxiety and control, from expectations and disappointments.

Life and matter don’t cheat. They don’t lie. They are my creations. They are me. And I am the master who creates the perfect conditions for my own evolution. How genius.

Until recently, I’ve used suffering as the motor for change, as the means to learn the rules of the game. That was the hard way, but now I know there is another way.

Surrender in the hands of Life.
Surrender to that Higher Power that is bringing everything I need to grow and shine.

Today I accept and believe that I was to live the events and emotions that were presented to me. There was no other way. Well no, there was another way. I could have just let Life guide me smoothly through them 🙂 Free will seems to be another name for control.

I’m done with playing roles. I just want to play the game.
I’m done with resisting the flow. I just want to let go and glow.
I’m done with creating suffering to evolve. I just want to let Life resolve the equations.

Life is to be lived. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Just living Life and its load of experiences and emotions. Just living Life and its blessings and pearls of wisdom.

Playing the Game of Life and winning every time.

I will life that day as it my last.

I always keep my promises.




9 thoughts on “WEEK 20 – THE GAME OF LIFE

  1. Exceptional discovery. Do you surrender to your truth to yourself and not to the world so understanding. What a great way to live I like the way you wrote it. I’m learning to surrender to what I cannot control. I worried about my mom gonna put all my emotions in helping her I know I have done the right thing. put too much myself in there . The results are my mom is in sync with her thoughts because I support what she does I’m off work at the moment so I can do this. So when my sister stepped in and we both agreed that were supposed to be on the same page to help mom so neither one of us are in hindering we were teaching her to do witches take control of your own life and not just take control of your life which gives her control of her life and more confidence. I went home crying because I wasn’t sure how to let the rains or from my hands. At least to control her I know she gets it she starting to see it so hard journey for her . So when you’re writing I see so clearly thank you for reading your post

  2. Sophie, I love ur blog post!!! Like every week!!!

    “I am here on Earth to BE, not to become, not to improve, not to correct.
    I am here on Earth to live life, SIMPLY.”

    So, true, I absolUtly agree!!!!

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